Sophisticated fabrication technology and rigorous production control
For complex 3D structures as well, we employ 3D CAD and propose the most optimum details, backed by our steel structure technology. By combining the most up-to-date welding robots and skilled workers with our highly accurate assembly technology, we offer reasonably priced, high-quality products that unfailingly meet the sophisticated needs of the designer.

Use of special steel materials
When using special materials such as ultra-high-strength steel, high-yield-point steel, or high-performance steel, etc., it is important to adequately understand the steel performance and welding performance before undertaking operations, in order to achieve quality products.
We utilize technologies supported by numerous proven records regarding property and performance qualification tests and welding performance tests for steel types including 80K-class steel, SA steel, etc., and we also use the Y-shaped groove weld cracking tests for preheat temperature setting.


Macroscopic test

  Large assembly
If member composition is complex, such as in 3D structures, it is important to ensure high manufacturing accuracy. An accuracy check by means of large assembly in a manufacturing plant is an effective measure.
For the assembly of a large-scale 3D structure, we utilize high technologies with numerous proven records.

  Machining of joints (cast steel products, forged steel products, machined products, and steel pipe branch joints)
At the joints of special steel frames, special steel products such as cast steel, forged steel, and machined parts, etc., are often used. We utilize technologies that can consistently perform a series of operations, which is important for quality assurance, from determining shape in view of machining properties to planning/implementing machining methods.
In addition, branch joints, which are highly difficult to machine, are used for joints between steel pipes. We utilize technologies supported by numerous proven records, including when using steel pipes of large diameter and large thickness.

  Others (pipe-making, thermal spraying in-house, etc.)
Steel pipes with large diameters and large thicknesses can be produced by making pipes from thick plates. We have a pipe production record with a maximum outside diameter of 2,300 mm and a thickness of 100 mm. In surface treatment technologies, we also have in-house rustproof spraying technology performance equivalent to or better than hot-dip galvanizing, and this technology is supported by numerous proven records.