In pursuit of our corporate mission to be "an essential entity that continues to contribute to society," and by using our strength in steel structure technologies and planning/proposals, we offer society reliable, safe, and comfortable buildings as well as pre-engineered products that support urban infrastructure, in the construction and steel structure business domain. Our goal is to contribute to the growth of our company's businesses and to help develop society through these undertakings.
There are two primary fields in our overseas construction and steel structure businesses, as follows.

Field of construction and steel structures
Seeking higher, more spacious, and more beautiful living spaces, we create vertical space such as skyscrapers and towers, horizontal space such as stadiums and airports, and design space such as atriums, all using steel structure technologies. Overseeing projects from the planning stage to the design, fabrication, and on-site construction stages, we provide engineering solutions at every stage of the project.

Field of pre-engineered products
We constantly develop and improve our pre-engineered products, which are fruitions born from the technologies of steel structure-related materials and their application. Specifically, we have (i) vibration control devices that control building vibrations caused by earthquakes and wind to provide safety and peace of mind, (ii) steel pipe piles that cause little vibration and noise during on-site construction, or that do not require waste soil treatment, thus being friendly to environment, (iii) bridges with all processes from design to construction standardized as a product so as to meet the need for short completion times, and (iv) pre-engineered buildings constructed by industrialized building construction systems. By proposing the adaptation, manufacture, and sales of these products, we provide engineering solutions.